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Q-sink Q 60 Series White Granite Sink






Q-sink Q 59 White Technical Specifications

Colour options

Circumference: 585 mm. x 521mm.

Cutting Dimension 560 mm. x 497mm.

Chamber Dimension 537 mm. x 423mm. x 205mm.

Q-sink Q 60 Granite Sink Colors Black
Q-sink Q 60 Granite Sink Colors Anthracite
Q-sink Q 60 Granite Sink Colors Gray
Q-sink Q 60 Granite Sink Colors Cream
Q-sink Q 60 Granite Sink Colors White

* You can choose by clicking on the colors.

Technical drawing

Q 60 Granite Sink Technical Drawing

Mounting Method

Q-sink Granite Sink Mounting Method: Right on the Countertop
Qsink Granite Sink Installation Type Under Counter
Q-sink Granite Sink Mounting Method Countertop Mounting

Benchtop Mounting

Under Counter Mounting

Tezgaha Sıfır Montaj

Q 60 Sink Depth Measurement

Eviye Derinlik Ölçüsü

Q 60 Cutting Area

Tezgah Kesim Ölçüsü


Granite Sink is impact resistant.

Impact Resistance

Granite Sink is resistant to heat.

Heat Resistance

Granit Eviye yüzeyi leke tutmaz.

Stain-Proof Surface

Granite Sink surface is antibacterial.

Antibacterial Surface

Granite Sink is scratch resistant.

Anti-Scratch Surface

Granite sink surface is easy to clean.

Easy Cleaning

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