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Q-sink Granite Sink



There is time for love with its quality

about us

Q-Sink Quartz Sink produces sinks that add value to your kitchens with its modern style that perfects kitchen designs and its innovative line that emerges with attention to detail.


It brings elegance and elegance to your kitchen with its natural colors, quality materials and the distinctive features of these materials.

The primary purpose of the Q-Sink family is; To offer maximum comfort and aesthetics to kitchens with its innovative, modern designs and quality product range that provides ease of use.


Our Granite Sinks produced with special techniques and formulas; It will add value to your kitchen with its stylish and useful designs that are 100 percent domestically produced and have food-compatible surfaces.


Q-Sink Sinks, each produced with great care and attention in the factory established in Izmir Menderes ITOB Organized Industrial Zone, embody quality, trust and satisfaction of those who choose them.

our vision

Q-Sink aims to be indispensable in kitchens with the superior quality sinks it produces. Q-Sink, which managed to become an exemplary brand of the sector in a short time with the elegance it added to minimalist design, has undertaken to project the future of the sector with its innovative approach and original designs.

Our Mission

As Q-Sink, we set out to produce perfect sinks that add value to your kitchens. In this way, we have created unique sinks that add value not only to your kitchen with our perfect product quality, but also to your life with their ease of use and hygienic product structure, and whose aesthetic value does not stand the test of time. As Q-Sink, we will continue to make life more beautiful.


Eviyelerimizin her biri; tasarımı, kurulumu ve zamana yenilmeyen kalitesiyle mükemmellik içerir. Q-Sink’in tasarım felsefesi, ürün kalitesi, estetik değeri, işlevselliği ve özgün çizgileri ile fark yaratmaktır. Mutfağınızı özelleştiren tasarım yelpazesi ile Q-Sink eviyelerin farkını mutfakta geçirdiğiniz her dakika daha iyi anlayacaksınız.


Q-Sink Sinks are produced with the highest quality materials and the most stringent quality control procedures, after long periods of innovation work. Our company will continue to be one of the best sink manufacturers in the industry by continuing its innovation efforts without stopping.

Our Corporate Culture

Q-Sink aims for excellence not only with its products, but also in its services, employees and relationships with its stakeholders. Every product we produce must be special like our customers. That's why all our products must set standards with their design, quality, technology and functionality.

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