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Q-sink Q 116 Serisi Gri Granit Evye






Q-sink Q 116 Gray Technical Specifications

Circumference: 1160 mm. x 498mm.

Cutting Dimension 1136 mm. x 474mm.

Chamber Dimension 343 mm. x 428mm. x 195mm.

343mm. x 428mm . x 195mm .

Colour options

Qsink Q116 Granite Sink Colors Black
Qsink Q116 Granite Sink Colors Anthracite
Qsink Q116 Granite Sink Colors Gray
Qsink Q116 Granite Sink Colors Cream
Qsink Q116 Granite Sink Colors White

* You can choose by clicking on the colors.

Technical drawing

Mounting Method

Q116 Granite Sink Technical Drawing
Qsink Granite Sink Installation Method: Zero to the Countertop
Qsink Granite Sink Mounting Method Countertop Mounting

Tezgah Üstü Montaj

Zero-to-Machine Installation

Q116 Sink Depth

Sink Depth Measurement

Q116 Cutting Area Gray

Countertop Cutting Dimension


Granite Sink is impact resistant.

Impact Resistance

Granite Sink is resistant to heat.

Heat Resistance

Granite Sink surface does not stain.

Stain-Proof Surface

Granite Sink surface is antibacterial.

Antibacterial Surface

Granit Eviye çizilmeye karşı dirençlidir.

Anti-Scratch Surface

Granite sink surface is easy to clean.

Easy Cleaning

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